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24 HOURS–Vancouver By Sarah Rowland - May 13, 2011

Bistro hoopla worth the hype

There’s been a lot of hoopla over Les Faux Bourgeois Bistro. People just won’t shut-up about this little East Van hotspot. At one point, it was actually starting to grate on my nerves “Les FauxBo this” and “Les FauxBo that.”

Enough was enough.

Finally I decided to give it a go and what can I say? They were right, every last one of ’em. Les Faux Bourgeoise (663 E. 15th Ave) is pretty damn perfect. Now, I too am one of those annoying people saying “Oh my God, you haven’t been to Les FauxBo? You have to go there. It’s sooooo good.”

What makes it so good?

Well, everything: the gritty location, the reasonable prices, the cozy, intimate atmosphere and of course the food – I mean, who knew fine-dining quality could co-exist with downhome sensibilities on the same plate?

You can get a stewy coq au vin made with free-range chicken for $18, or a pan roasted lamb dinner with veggie ratatouille and horseradish cream for $19. Basically, you’re getting fab French cuisine at chain-restaurant prices.

If you’re not up for a full meal, the modest-sized bar is great for having a glass of wine and sharing an appy with a friend. I highly recommend les tartes flambée ($10), a puff pastry tart that comes with your choice of caramelized onion and crème fraîche or spinach and goat cheeses.

So if haven’t already, come join the club of Les FauxBo freaks and become “one of us,
one of us.”


GLOBE & MAIL  By Alexandra Gill - December 11, 2010

Les Faux Bourgeois Bistro

Go ahead, be sneaky.  If you order for the table and don’t show anyone the menu, they’ll think you blew a small bundle on flakey tarte flambee Alsacienne, lamb sirloin napped a glossy sherry reduction and other richly braised French bistro classics.  The wine list is also very budget-friendly, the vibe delightfully upbeat.   Sit back, tap your toes and savour that rare smile creeping across dad’s face.  Just don’t forget to make reservations, Meathead!  The place is packed every night.


NORTHWEST PALATE  By Laurie Guy - Nov/Dec 2009

Materializing at a clumsy intersection in an equally clumsy East Vancouver neighbourhood, Les Faux Bourgeois has quickly become a French bistro beacon in a part of the city in dire need of good dining.

In namesake and physicality, Les Faux echoes the working-class yet sophisticated tastes of owners Stephan Gagnon and Andreas Seppelt.  The traditional bistro setting creates a cozy and casual dining scene focused on well-prepared, simply presented, and moderately priced dishes that are faithful to classic French roots.

Co-chefs Gilles L’Heureux and Christopher Hughes present rustic dishes that consistently master the balance between the rich ingredients and light touch of French cuisine, and will set you back no more than $19.00 for a main (the filet de boeuf grillé).  With traditional offerings, such a rich and flavorful pâté de campagne, steak frites, and duck confit, one feels the flavor of Paris seep in.  A fresh board offers up equally worthy specials that change each night. 

Though appropriately representing France, the wine list heavily features Spain, British Columbia and California with a few Italian, New Zealand, South African, and Argentinean bottles rounding out the collection, which is graciously marked up a little under industry standards.

The experience is further charmed by Francophone servers who casually outfitted with wraparound waist aprons, know their menu and wine list well and provide that friendly but professional service renowned in the Old World, where serving is a dignified profession and not just a stopover on the way to bigger and better things.

Judging from the buoyant diners consistently packing the tables (for which reservations are essential) and bar (available on a first-come, first-served basis), Les Faux Bourgeois itself is settling into more than a stopover on this Kingsway stretch.

Open Tuesday – Sunday from 5:30 – 12 pm.


The VANCOUVER SUN - Mia Stainsby

“It either makes you pine for Paris, or transports you there!”




In a time of economic uncertainty, it’s no wonder this savvy new effort plays to a packed house every night.  Daily blackboard features supplement a fetching menu that never exceeds the $20 mark.  Start with the escargot Bourgogne ($8) before diving into an aromatic chicken pot au feu ($16).  Steak with salty house-made fries – elevated by a pungent garlic aioli – is a steal at $16 , and the dessert of hot chocolate and spongy madeleines ($7)is worth saving room for.  Oenophiles masquerading as servers maintain a spirited atmosphere of clinking glasses and lively chatter with hefty pours of the cheap and cheerful.  Best call ahead.


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